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Interval Run Club Dallas

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We run-walk this city!

About Interval Running

If you are looking for organized training that reduces injuries and gets you to the finish line, we are the group for you.

Is running a 5k, marathon or half marathon on your bucket list but you wonder if you can actually do it?

Have you tried to train for a long distance event, but found that your training was derailed by injuries?


Have you trained by yourself in the past, but found that getting motivated - especially on long run days - is difficult? 

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Interval Run Club and our proven Galloway method can help you. ​

Why Run-Walk?

Every runner, no matter what their ability, can begin to train for a 5k, 10k, half or full marathon by taking regular, frequent walk breaks. The frequency of the walk breaks, and the pace of running, are calibrated to your current running level - even elite runners benefit from incorporating walk breaks into their running strategy. 


The Dallas area offers several fine half and full marathon training programs.  What separates us from the others?


Pace Groups. 

Whether you are a first-timer or a veteran marathoner trying for a personal record, we have a pace group for you. Pace group assignments will ensure you train with others of comparable ability so that you never train alone. Our pace groups NEVER leave a runner behind on the route.


Knowledgeable Group Leaders. 

Two pace group leaders are assigned to most groups. They are both veteran marathoners and veterans of our program. They will lead your weekly run, answer your questions and encourage you as you train.


Camaraderie and Lots of Support. 

Between our pace groups and our pace group leaders, we've put a network in place to help keep you motivated and accountable.


A Place Where Everybody Knows Your Name. 

We keep pace groups small enough that you'll make new friends and know everyone's name.


Email Access to Jeff Galloway. 

Jeff Galloway popularized the run-walk method for endurance races. As THE HOME of Dallas Galloway training, any of our members can email Jeff directly with questions. He will respond! 


Discounted Stuff! 

Receive a 50% discount to Jeff Galloway running schools. Members also get discounts for various races and on training products. Members receive a 10% discount at Dallas area Fleet Feet stores.


Free Stuff! 

Your registration fee includes:

  • Training course fluid support

  • Nutrition

  • Personalized training program for your pace and goals

  • Weekly training program

  • Plus much much more.

Training Beyond the Run. 

Throughout the season we offer sessions on proper attire, hydration and nutrition.

Group Social Events. 

We celebrate the end of a successful season with an end of season party.  Our pace groups often become like families, getting together for breakfast, weekly runs or other social events from time to time.

And did we mention?

Great Value. 

We're one of the least expensive training programs in the Dallas area. We charge a single training season fee - no monthly recurring charges.

Join us for one of our social runs to give us a try and see what we have to offer.

Get in touch on Facebook or through our contact page.

I finished my first marathon last weekend. When I first started running, the best I could do is run for 10 seconds and walk for a minute and even that exhausted me. Our bodies are amazing and will get stronger and faster if we give them a chance. With multiple leg surgeries as a teenager and intestinal surgeries as an adult, I NEVER thought I could do something like this. 
What. A. Busy. Weekend! 10k on Saturday, Full Marathon today. Disney’s Goofy Challenge - here I come !!
Feeling very blessed to be able to run these events and finish smiling! I may not be “fast” but I’m having fun and with each race I finish - I look at life a different way. 
Thank you Dallas Galloway!! 

Becky H.

Tammy B.

Thank you SO much...can’t say enough about how wonderful it’s been running with y’all this year!

Jeff N.


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