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Acceleration Glider Drills

This is a drill to work on during your weekday runs.

Note: While we recommend that only our experienced runners (those who have completed a half or full marathon) participate in weekend speedwork, there are some drills that all of our runners should work on during weekday runs. By focusing on these elements, you *will* increase your speed. 

Why? Acceleration gliders help you in the transition from run to walk to run. They also improve running form and efficiency.

How? Keep the legs and body relaxed throughout but particularly at the beginning. Start by jogging for about 15 steps then fast jogging for about 15 steps. Pick up your leg rhythm by shortening stride length and gradually increasing the turnover of your feet and legs over 15 steps. You are now up to speed. Reverse to gradually slow down to a walk.

How often? Beginning this week, start with two to three gliders and increase by one or two each session to a maximum of eight. If you are getting in two runs/week as we recommend, you should complete your acceleration glider drills by our August 8th group run.

Watch Jeff's video on acceleration glider drills here.


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