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Cadence Drills

This is a drill to work on during your weekday runs.

Note: While we recommend that only our experienced runners (those who have completed a half or full marathon) participate in weekend speedwork, there are some drills that all of our runners should work on during weekday runs. By focusing on these elements, you *will* increase your speed. 

Cadence Drills

Why? Cadence drills help you pull all the elements of good running form together at the same time. They will help you step lighter, increasing the number of steps you take per minute. This will help you run faster, with less effort.

How? Warm up by walking for 5 minutes, and running and walking very gently for 10 minutes. Start jogging slowly for 1-2 minutes, and then time yourself for 30 seconds. During this half minute, count the number of times your left foot touches. Walk around for a minute or so. On the second 30 second drill, increase the count by 1 or 2. Repeat this 3-7 more times, each time trying to increase by 1-2 additional count


How often? Once per week

Watch Jeff's How-to-Video here.


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