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Inclement Weather Policy

The safety of our runners is our primary concern.  Living in North Texas can present weather challenges throughout the year.  

The following outlines our inclement weather policy.

We will run RAIN OR SHINE unless one of the following conditions is expected to occur at the start of the run or during a run:

  • Lightning

  • Torrential rain

  • Icy conditions

  • Other unsafe conditions

We do our best to keep abreast of the weather conditions throughout the week and try to keep everyone informed.  However, given the unpredictable nature of North Texas weather, we will wait as long as possible to assess the weather before deciding to cancel a run. 

If the threat of inclement weather exists, we will make a judgment call based upon what we see on,, local news websites and, if necessary, consultation with the PGLs. 

the event we need to cancel a run, we will send an email and make an announcement on our Twitter and Facebook pages approximately 1 hour before the run start time, based upon expected conditions at that time.  Finally, we are available by cell phone if there is a question.

If a run is scheduled to go on and you are not comfortable with the conditions or are otherwise unable to attend that run, please let your PGL know as quickly as possible.

Regarding hot weather, we schedule our runs early in the morning to avoid as much of the heat as possible.  If we find ourselves in a continued pattern of excessive heat (think summer 2011), we may adjust our 6:30 start time to an earlier start and we will slow our pace down from the standard 2 mins/mile slower than race pace pacing.  It is unlikely we will start earlier than 5:00 am.  

If the starting times change, we will communicate as far in advance as possible.


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