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Nutrition Tips

A big question we're asked is how/what you should eat to properly fuel. Be aware that all bodies are different, which means you may need to tweak the following guidelines to suit your particular needs:

Pre Run

Your morning nutrition should be light. Your body will absorb later in the morning than it will when you first wake up. This is good for later in the race, but do not overdo it! Strive for 100-150 calories pre-run.

Contrary to popular belief, carbo loading the night before does not help much, since most of your race day energy is obtained from what you eat/drink 2 nights before. In fact, too much loading the night can have adverse effects.

While Running

We suggest that you take in 30-40 calories every 2 miles to maintain adequate blood sugar levels for the brain.

Post Run

Strive to get a good balance of carbs and protein into your body within 30 minutes of a run lasting 1 hour or longer. Jeff Galloway endorses Endurox R4. We will have this available for you post run.


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