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The Magic Mile

The Magic  Mile is a one mile prediction calculator designed by Jeff Galloway to predict your race time. 

The Magic Mile will determine:

  • If your race goal is realistic

  • How much improvement can be expected

In other words, the Magic Mile removes the guesswork out of goal setting.

The formulas for a full and half marathon are as follows:

  • Full marathon - One mile time X 1.3

  • Half marathon - One mile time X 1.2

So, for example, if you run an 8 minute magic mile, your marathon pace per mile would be 10:24 (8 X 1.3).

To run, the mile, first do a good warmup.  Then, run 1 mile so that, when you finish, you are breathing hard (not gasping) and you do not think you can go another half mile (about 80% - 90% of your maximum sprint speed).

Sound complicated? Visit Jeff Galloway's website for a quick and easy calculator.


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